1972 Seance Board Game

 Séance by Milton Bradley 1972 – The Voice From The Great Beyond

With the release of the Seance game 1972 came a redesigned record player from top to bottom.  This new design was then shared with the Voice of the Mummy 1971 game still in production. The removal of the turntable speed controller is the first item noticed.  This setup allowed the turntable to maintain an exact RPM to hear the voice at the correct pitch as the battery became depleted.  The Seance designed player added a new tone arm assembly and needle design with 2 adjacent Next Message levers under the table top.

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Séance A Game for 3 or 4 Players The Story: The Players are the nieces and nephews of old Uncle Everett who has passed on and left a most peculiar will.  For old Uncle Everett was a spiritualist… that is, he believed his spirit would come back and guide the distribution of his wealth.  In his will, he requested his nieces and nephews to come back to a Seance in his old Victorian mansion.  He left each one $20,000 and a chance to make more — or lose some.  The bulk of the estate and money went to Zeke the Parrot, but he has also given the players a chance to bid on and obtain other articles of uncertain value.  Uncle Everett will “buy” them back, giving the players a chance to increase their inheritance.  Uncle Everett’s “Voice From The Great Beyond” will be conjured up in the Seance.  Everytime the hidden switch is pressed, his voice will be heard.  Come on!  Let’s go to the Seance, and contact Everett’s spirit. 

When the game is over and the room is plunged into darkness, it is said that the image of Uncle Everett may be seen.

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