1971 Voice of the Mummy

A Complete and Working – Voice of the Mummy Board Game by Milton Bradley, 1971 #4165 – The Game That Talks To You


The Voice of the Mummy Game Includes: Exact Reproduction Game Directions and Special Player Instruction Sheet.  All Original Jewels Included:  28 Red Precious Jewels, (26 Required to Play with 2 Spares), Green Cobra and Green Great Jewel. The Original Die.  4 Original Explorer Players with Matching Color Stands and the Four Player Temples in Excellent Condition.

The Mummy Record Player Works Better Than The Factory Ever Produced!  After an average rebuild time of 5 hours, adding all new parts and reconditioning original parts, “The Voice” is Very Clear and “The Voice” Plays at the Correct Speed.   The Voice Speed is adjustable fitted with a precision turntable speed controller.  

Other Units for Sale Might Claim They Work with the Original Parts, But these units commonly Will Not play at the Correct Speed or just Stop playing altogether They will play too fast and then if you slightly adjust the speed controller, the unit will play too slow.  You will attempt at keeping it playing by tapping on the player or wiggling the turntable speed knob to get it to play again.  (The original turntable speed controllers have a 99.9% failure rate with these common symptoms.)  You won’t be able to tolerate this problem during a game missing out on important mummy messages that will hinder enjoying this fantastic board game.  Don’t take any chances!

The Mummy Record Player is Fitted with a New Motor, New Turntable Speed Controller and a New Turntable Belt to Play at the Correct Speed Every Time You Close the Lid!  All Metal Contacts are Thoroughly Cleaned or Replaced.  The Record is Checked and Repaired if Needed So That All Tracks Play Without Skips.  The Box Top and Bottom Will Have Clean Repairs Made to Split Corners.  The Boxes Show Well.  The Game Box will have Normal Edge Wear. 

This Mummy Game Ships in a Large Well Padded Shipping Box. 20″x24″x8″

Ask Questions or Request More Pictures, Sales are Final.  If you are a board game collector and need more pictures, please ask.

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Game Description Under Box Top  – Voice of the Mummy – The Game That Talks To You

This game is really different. It uses SOUND to direct the Explorers and control the strategy of play. The sound is produced by a record player hidden inside the mummy case. When an Explorer lands on certain spots, they must move a lever which starts the record. A mysterious voice speaks out a message telling the Explorer what they must do.

An Explorer never knows which message they will get at any one time as there are twenty different messages on EACH side of the record and ANY ONE may be spoken at ANY time. Some messages may help, while others may be harmful to the progress of the Explorer.

The game takes place in an ancient Pharaoh’s Tomb which has a three level pathway scattered with jewels. Directed by the VOICE, the Explorers travel up the steps, collecting jewels, to be the first to arrive at the MUMMY to receive the GREAT JEWEL — but also the EVIL COBRA “SPELL”.

Once an Explorer gets the great jewel and the spell, the record is flipped over for more danger and excitement.  Still controlled by the VOICE, the Explorers are in a mad scramble to avoid the lone Explorer with the Cobra Spell. That Explorer is attempting to “GET RID OF THE SPELL” in order to get out of the Pharaoh’s Tomb with the most value of jewels to win the game.

Mummy Case Made in West Germany

I recently had a question about the price of these games.  So,  I explained about how much effort goes into each set for sale.

The record player is completely rebuild to make sure it plays every time and at the correct speed. The parts being used as replacements are actual sapphire needles, real turntable belts at exact dimensions, new motors that spin at the correct speed and a precision electronics grade potentiometer to operate the turntable at exact speeds.

The turntable speed controller is a custom made part using the original tan knob grafted onto the shaft of the potentiometer.  Then, the original hole for the knob shaft is thread tapped for this part.  This allows the part to be screwed in and glued in place for an extremely durable fit.  The end result looks as original as possible and the voice pitch is precisely controlled with very fine adjustments.

All metal contacts are removed, cleaned, polished then bent and tensioned into better than factory production.  If the metal contacts are too corroded, they are replaced with hand-made metal contacts cut from K&S Metals quality brass sheet.  The metal contacts are properly tensioned to hold onto the battery for maximum current flow to the motor.  The thin metal contact under the tan cover is custom tensioned for proper operation.

These record players use real sapphire needles and real turntable belts as originally designed. The .07 mil needles are checked out under a microscope to make sure they aren’t damaged. Any needles that are damaged, can’t be seen by the naked eye and will cause immediate damage to the record. Those damaged needles tips are repaired under a microscope.

All record messages are individually checked out to play correctly. If messages are found to skip, these are repaired using a microscope.  These records took a beating from kids and frequently need repairs because of the player lid slamming onto the record. A lid slam creates a ding or heavy scratch the causes it to skip on at least 2 or more messages. That’s very annoying to hear and all random messages are important for proper game play balance.

The boxes and game pieces frequently take storage damage over the years. All box corner splits are neatly repaired using clear Tacky Glue for a strong bond. All of the game parts are inspected to make sure it sets up correctly. Any lifted, split or severely warped cardboard pieces are cleaned and repaired.

So, all of this is done on each game set so that the buyer can just have fun playing the game. Buying it cheaper broken or incomplete from a yard sale or off eBay will leave you frustrated and disappointed.

I hope that helps! Send a message with pricing questions. Any other questions, please ask!

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