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1971 Voice of the Mummy

with 1972 Seance and 1981 Dark Tower Board Games
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Original Mummy Player

Made in West Germany player

Mummy Player Version 2.0

Made in USA player

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Game Slideshow

Seance Player

Made in USA player

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Here is a good example of a total strip and repaint with a King Tut Burial Mask applied!



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In this case, the factory applied the gold paint too dry.  The result were blobs of paint stuck in the sound grates and along all of the edges and into the recesses.   The only way to correct this was to strip it completely.  Some of the other units don't need as much work.  Additional gold paint can be stippled to have the same effect and will look excellent!  The last step was to apply the face mask of King Tut. 


The MB Mummy is holding 2 Flails.  I tried searching for a possible sarcophagus that MB might have used to model from.  Can anyone read hieroglyphics? Do any of these symbols mean anything? Mask Details


You really could keep going with adding more color and detail!  I would like to see what an experienced modeler could do! Here is a good example from

Mobious Models - The Mummy 


Three Excellent Examples of

What Can Be Done to Save a Record Player!





Rebuild One


This is a good reason not to discount the potential of a mummy player that has damage from severe battery corrosion and an attempted repair.  As long as the basic case isn't damaged the parts can be replaced.




Rebuild Two


Here is a unit received that had a previous repair made to compensate for a failed motor.  I can tell a lot of time was spent in solving many problems.  As always, this is a good reason not to discount the potential of a Mummy Player for repair.  As long as the basic case isn't destroyed the parts can be replaced.





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Rebuild Three


Here is a unit received that had a previous repair made using a wooden block to compensate for corroded battery contacts. Maybe the player being broken, the center of the record was cut out to fit on a 45 RPM record player!  The block was left installed because the epoxy caused severe distortions in the plastic that couldn't be repaired.

Battery Contact Repairs

Scroll down the see several repairs from severe battery corrosion. 

The results are... "good as new!"



Completely Corroded and the positive terminal burned through.

All new brass terminal contacts and replaced the missing plastic.

All 3 major contacts were no longer useable.

3 Contacts Replaced.

Severe battery corrosion to the contacts.

The contacts were reusable after cleaning.

USA version of player with contact corrosion.

The 3 contacts were not reuseable. They were replaced.

Another USA player with an attempted repair.

Same results as above. Also replaced switch cover.

Battery corrosion with an attempted repair.

The 3 major contacts were replaced.

 Another Attempted Repair from Serious Corrosion!

 3 New Contacts and New Switch Contact Stiffner Bar.