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1971 Voice of the Mummy

with 1972 Seance and 1981 Dark Tower Board Games
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Voice Speed Regulation in the Seance and Mummy Version 2 Players

It has always been a problem with these record players where the speed controller was omitted and there wasn't any way to control the voice speed. These players have similar issues of the West Germany record players playing too fast or too slow.  In this case it just the made in japan motors.  Over time these motors just failed.  I tried a number of combinations of motors, diodes and resistors values without any help .  I finally found out that by adding an exact resistor value attached out of the positive terminal with a custom matched motor, belt and diode, this fixed the problem.

In the end the laser beam rpm meter helped solve the problem.

I tested for current changes in the motor. 

A few different diodes to see if forward voltages made a difference.

A few different "D" batteries at various levels of depletion.

Checking resistance for RPM speed to the turntable.

A closeup of the resistor measurements

The clips are attached

Different diodes for motors.


Extended the motor wires to test diodes.

A closeup of the diodes at different switching rates.


These were from the japan motors to test with.

Trying different diodes. 


"D" Batteries at a few levels of depletion

The "Laser Beam" 

Upside down measuring 52.9 RPM

 Installed custom value resistor to regulate the speed.