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1971 Voice of the Mummy

with 1972 Seance and 1981 Dark Tower Board Games
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A Custom Mummy Player with Integrated MP3 Player and Lighted Jewels!
And as a bonus!  The specs will include lighted jewels! 
  Yes the Cobra and Great Jewels will light up during message play!
01-10 Through several hours of tinkering with the idea, I have created a MP3 player that exactly simulates the repeated and random playing of the messages.  Attach it to your 1000 gigawatt stereo and shazam!,  stadium mummy action that rocks the neighborhood!  Although still in development, the player might have a chance for release in the near future.  I have two kiddies and a wifey that always take presidence.  You know how that goes.
The plan was to make a custom mummy case, which will externally still look the same and fit into the same square opening in the foam staircase. The top unit will be molded in resin to retain the original look and the bottom box will be scratch built from polystyrene, then when complete, molded in resin also. The plan is to include Boris and a custom MP3 player maybe an internal speaker.  The MP3 software will play the messages randomly and will occasionally repeat messages and also have it stop after each track, as the normal record player currently does.  And include the lighted jewels that either just turn on or hopefully glow with the voice. That depends on what kit I can find.  Most of the kits work with a small microphone, I need to find one that is connected by audio output.
I'm sure everyone has noticed how the messages will sometimes repeat on the record players.  The records currently have (20) 10 second messages on each side.  In order to have the messages randomly start on the record, all messages start on the outside edge and finish at the middle.    A standard vinyl record is one single spiral track starting on the outside edge continuing to the middle.   Each track are evenly spaced 1/20th the distance around the record.  That way each message spirals to the center and turns off the player. The tan tab on the Tone Arm Assembly called the end message tab opens the end message switch and turn off the turntable motor.  You can't get random done any better on a electro-mechanical vinyl record device and have each message end at the same spot to turn the player off each time.

The new mp3 player will still use the lever action that will select next message as it currently functions.  Still trying to keep the current methods of play, you will need to open the lid, move boris aside carefully not to wake him and select side 2 album from the list on the MP3 player.  Then place boris back down in his resting place, close the lid,  and select the lever to play again.  I know, currently,  that the player will always play the first message when you close the lid but it didn't think that had any benefit.
Anyone needing to add customized firmware to their Mp3 player should check out their work at
If you need the compiled version that I made for the Sansa e250 v2.  Here is is zipped up.  Just attach your player and dump it on top of the current .rockbox directory.  I offer no support but for simple problems.  I just got lucky and followed the process from their detailed website instructions and it worked.  I was real fortunate that the patch still synced with the current rockbox release. 

1-30 Working on a internal speaker for the unit just in case users didn't want to cable up their game.  I picked up an Altec Lansing Orbit.  It works, but will take up a lot of space and doesn't sound that good at all.  It's a mono speaker, what's to be expected? ehhh?
02-10 I'm currently working on a rockbox complied version for the sansa clip v2.  This unit is a lot smaller and can hide inside the case very descretely. Time will tell. has some really good deals on these refurbed players.
05-10 Project at a summertime standstill... Anyone have any good ideas for getting the sound from the MP3 player besides using a cable?  I've had a lot of feedback and noone is interested in cabling up the unit.  The best idea has come in to build a custom stereo sound box that will fit in the flipped over game bottom.   This hasn't been tested out yet.  I've also muttled the idea of a wireless transmitter also placed underneath.  One idea was with tuning your radio to the transmitter freq.  This will end up with poor sound.  Another approach is a wireless receiver unit that plugs into an audio input port.  This was costly.  These also may need a power cord too.  Maybe when dark days of the fall and winter approach I can work out the final details...
01-11 The MP3 system "idea" is pretty much done.  The problem is that I would be so costly with all the custom work,  I don't think sales would be enough to cover the upstart.   The idea of having wireless system became too impractical.   The idea to have attached speakers to the MP3 player installed in a custom case, under the box bottom and have the system standalone.  Still, a power pack cord would be needed to power everything.  Attaching the external buttons, from the reproduction player case, to operate the player wouldn't be difficult.     So,  I have the MP3 player working and it exactly recreates the random messages as well as the randomly repeated messages.  Just like the real player sometimes 2 players will hear the same message back to back.  I wanted to preserve that.  I just added multiple copies of the 20 messages for each side to do that.  The big problem was playing one track at a time and stopping, then press play again to hear the next message.  As you have read about the special operating system for the MP3 player,  It was a special patch that an open source user had created for it.  I just had to create a custom build of the software with all the patches I needed.  So,  grab that Sansa player and add the Rockbox software and you have it ready to use instead of using you record player.

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