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1971 Voice of the Mummy

with 1972 Seance and 1981 Dark Tower Board Games
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03-26-2017 Dark Tower Keypad Rebuild

1981 Dark Tower Keypad Rebuild

Does your Dark Tower Keypad fail to respond to keypresses?
Your tower will power on, left digit shows Zero then dashes.
You press a key and nothing happens?

The keypads are finally dying out one by one...
mine did and I had to find a solution quickly!

Have it rebuilt to better than new condition.
Your keypad is carefully disassembled and new foil traces are added to restore functionality.
Then reassembled and fully tested.

The restoration retains the original light touch with no difference in feel or appearance.

This does not remove the spots behind the keypad label.
That's another story about old adhesive behind the keypad label showing through.

This is not a keypad replacement with other keypad parts off ebay.  This retains all original parts.

This rebuild works for all Dark Tower versions.

Pay for this item with the Buy Now button.  
Send me your old keypad to the address below.  
The price includes rebuild and shipping costs back to you.

Or the send the entire tower and I'll remove the keypad to rebuild, thoroughly test and return.
This will be extra shipping costs because the tower is heavier.
I'll contact you after completion for the exact costs.
The cost varies from my location to yours.

100% Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction!

Send keypad or tower to:
Mummy Burbage
4 Dunbar Way
Sterling, VA 20165